Resistance Training

An older Caucasian woman is seen holding a plank

Why is Resistance Training Important?

Women tend to lose muscle mass and put on weight after menopause which is why Resistance Training should be part of every woman's exercise program. Bone health is essential for women, whose changing hormone levels can lead to decreased bone density and increased risk of fractures. Focusing on weight bearing exercises to build new bone tissue that stimulates your entire skeletal system and helps reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Resistance training is the most important component of physical fitness for active aging adults. Regular resistance training increases muscle size and strength, bone strength, helps with lowering body fat as well as improved body composition, reduced injury, and better posture all to help improve daily activities and create better body awareness.

What does Resistance Training Look Like?

Each program is designed based on the individual client’s experience, current fitness levels, and goals.

For Resistance Training, we will choose strength exercises that mimic an activity associated with function rather than focusing on exercises that simply isolate one muscle group like a bicep curl.

Examples of Resistance Training Exercises:

  • Seated row -Imagine rowing a boat through water or paddling a canoe; focus on the resistance of the imaginary water
  • Wall Squats– Ball at the lower back against wall. Down for four seconds and up for four seconds, then push up through the heels
  • Bow & Arrow pull– Using resistance band
  • Wall Pushups-Modified pushups against the wall
  • Thigh squeeze– Ball between your thighs and squeeze your thighs together, hold for 3-5 seconds, and keep breathing. Relax and repeat