Functional Fitnesse is a program that I have created to help promote active living in women over 50. Functional Fitnesse training looks at the body as a whole and moving in ways the body was made to move, rather than isolated movement. Functional training exercises are full body movements in multiple planes of motion that mirror the activities you do in your daily life. Functional Fitnesse features a wide variety of programs ranging from cardiovascular training to flexibility training to brain training. Check out the programs below for more information!

Our ability to perform everyday tasks and activities such as climbing stairs, carrying groceries, and getting out of the car declines as a result of reduced physical activity. Inactivity leads to accelerated aging and muscle weakness, chronic disease, and restricted mobility.

Functional movements are safe and mechanically sound exercises that help to strengthen weak muscles and improve agility, balance, and coordination as we age which enables us to enjoy a higher quality lifestyle while maintaining our independence and self-esteem. 

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Other Services

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