Core Stability Training

Core Stability Training

Why is Core Stability Training Important?

Your core plays an essential role in maintaining good posture and to provide a foundation for every action and movement you make. The key muscles of your core are the deep abdominals, the pelvic floor, the upper and lower back muscles, glutes and hips. A solid, strong core will stabilize your body in all planes of motion to allow you to move with freedom and control. If your core is weak, your movements will be limited. Core stability training is essential for posture, balance, prevents falls and injury, and helps decrease back pain. Core strength becomes even more important as we age. With a strong core, you will be able to bend much easier, reach and twist, and perform all physical activity and daily tasks you enjoy with ease.

What is Core Stability Training look like?

Each program is designed based on the individual client’s experience, current fitness levels, and goals.

Examples of Core Stability Training: 

  • Just sit tall- back not touching the chair- engage abdominals
  • Reach forward & lean back
  • Upper body circles- Hands on thighs or crossed at shoulders
  • Reach diagonally forward with one arm & pull elbow back
  • Stir the pot
  • Wash the tables- Center, side to side, single arm, both, hand on top of hand
  • Hand plank on chair- Just lift & hover-knee in, leg up
  • Pushups on the chair