Chair Based Exercise Program

Chair Based Exercise Program

What is a Chair Based Exercise Program?

Chair Based Exercise programs cater to those who may not benefit from traditional physical activity programs due to health issues, mobility restrictions, chronic disease, or recovering from surgery or injury. This program is done from a chair, using an aid or moving independently. The chair based program helps individuals improve their cardiovascular endurance, strength, balance, and flexibility regardless of their current ability level.

What does a Chair Based Program look like?

Each program is designed based on the individual client’s experience, current fitness levels, and goals.

Examples of Seated Cardio:

  • Marching- whole foot, toes only, heels only
  • March buttocks forward and backwards on chair
  • Mambo steps
  • Single leg bicycle 

Examples of Strengthening Exercises from/with Chair:

  • Stand up/Sit down- Get up from chair with your arms crossed over your chest
  • Assisted squats
  • Knee ups
  • Wood Chopper
  • Stir the pot
  • Superman extensions